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Ice is nice

‘Photographers already know how to compose and expose for great visuals,’ says Griffin Hammond, New York based documentary filmmaker and global brand ambassador for the Panasonic GH5. ‘They really just need to understand video resolutions, framerates, and editing.’ [Panasonic Promotion]

Sea the difference

From movie sets and his commercial studio, to the wilds of Mongolia and the ocean in his backyard, Olympus is the perfect fit for Lachlan Moore. [Olympus Promotion]

Macphun: 5 reasons to switch to Luminar

Luminar has a clean interface that adapts to the way you want to build your workflow, with tools that can ignite your creativity and inspire your photographs. Presets, filters, layers, masking and more “” for Mac users (and soon for PC), Luminar has it all. [Macphun Promotion]

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Life in the human tide

Over the last five years, photographer, writer, environmental scientist and Olympus Vision Project fellow Jonathon Collins has lived, worked and travelled widely in Southeast Asia and Africa. [Olympus Special Promotion]