Commemorating your client’s most precious wedding moments has never been easier with Nuovo Albums, the most sophisticated new offering by Nulab, one of Australia’s leading print solution providers. [Nulab Featured Promotion]


Wedding albums are making a resurgence amongst the wedding photography community, with a realisation that physical albums have a certain timeless and romantic appeal.

The appeal and convenience of a USB drive filled with wedding photos is simply insufficient for most newlyweds, who want to do more than just upload their wedding photos to a Facebook album.

Nuovo Albums represent Nulab’s commitment to delivering beautiful wedding albums to Australian wedding photographers. Featuring premium photo quality, fingerprint and dust proof, backed by Nulab’s Lifetime Guarantee, giving photographers confidence that their albums will stand the test of time.

Nulab has also employed cutting-edge binding technology which uses a new splicing technique, allowing Nuovo Albums to withstand multiple openings and reducing the possibility of stress and cracks on the spine.


As a leader in print solutions, Nuovo Albums are carefully crafted and printed in Australia, drawing on decades of experience and a keen understanding of the needs of local photographers.

“We really hope to help brides and grooms, even photographers realise the value in creating a timeless manifestation of the most important moments of their life through Nuovo Albums,” says Michael Warshall, Managing Director of Nulab.

Discover the Nuovo Albums difference

Nuovo Albums offer many customisation options to suit the needs of brides and grooms, allowing a wide choice of creative designs and options. Cover options range from leather to textile, and premium or specialty paper stock for the block of the album.


Photographers are spoilt for choice with the ability to select the colour of the cover, thickness and end paper options, partnered with gold, black and silver gilding options, all neatly presented in a box or bag of choice.

This ultimately enables wedding photographers to truly tailor the finished album to their clients’ wishes, helping them create a timeless heirloom that can be admired and enjoyed for generations to come.

To begin the journey towards creating beautiful wedding albums, visit the Nuovo Albums site to learn more.