Handy new tool finds the right memory card to suit both your camera and your photography needs. [Lexar Featured Promotion]


A memory card to capture and store photos and videos is the first thing to consider after buying a digital SLR, camcorder, HD sports camera, aerial camera, tablet or smartphone with expandable memory.

Many people simply find the cheapest card, or the one recommended by a shop assistant, and the result is often not the best memory card solution for your needs. As a result you could have a negative experience with your new device, and even worse, the memory card may not adequately store your important moments and memories.

Another option is to estimate the capacity and performance required for your shooting needs – but even then you might not select the right memory card.

Lexar now offers you an automated tool that helps you determine the right memory card for both your camera and your photography needs: the Memory Card Selector.

Simply visit the selector page, and start off by choosing the type of memory card you are considering: microSD, SD or CF (screenshot above).


Once you select your card type, the new page (screenshot above) displays the different memory card types available from Lexar, the devices they’re designed for, the types of shooting they can handle, performance levels, and available capacities.

Then click the “What Capacity Do I Need?” button in the bottom of the column of the card needed. This takes you to the selector page that offers a number of customizable options to help determine how much image and video content the different card capacities will store, based on the megapixel count of the camera device.

For example, the 256GB capacity of the Lexar Professional 1000x SDXC card can store more than six hours of HD video and upwards of 14,000 photos if shooting with a 21 megapixel camera.


You can slide the photo and video content icons back and forth along their capacity ranges based on your anticipated needs to find the card capacity that best suits you (screenshot above). You can also select both smaller megapixel counts and different card capacities. Too much space for your needs? Select a smaller capacity to see how much content you’ll be able to store. Think you’ll be shooting more still images than videos? Slide your video icon to the left to see how much space is left for images.

The Memory Card Selector  from Lexar makes it easy to find the right card.