Luminar has a clean interface that adapts to the way you want to build your workflow, with tools that can ignite your creativity and inspire your photographs. Presets, filters, layers, masking and more “” for Mac users (and soon for PC), Luminar has it all. [Macphun Promotion]


Here are 5 reasons to join the hundreds of thousands around the world who are using Luminar today for perfecting photos fast.

Reason 1:

Luminar is powerful “” yet flexible and adaptable. It lets you dive into the editing experience and learn as you go. From customizable workspaces where you can organise your filters, to a history palette that records the clicks you’ve taken to perfect your image, Luminar easily adjusts based on what you need. It’s responsive, intuitive, and helps you achieve beautiful and professionally edited images with less effort.


Reason 2:

Luminar provides more than 300 powerful tools that make complex edits a breeze. More than 70 unique presets, like Colors of the Fall and Peruvian Desert, are available to creatively make your images beautiful in just one click. You can even enhance the sky with a single swipe “” and replace it in under five minutes (faster than in other software).


Reason 3:

Boasting nearly 40 filters “” more than Lightroom and other comparable professional editing softwares “” Luminar makes exploring filters fun and invigorating. From layered textures that add unique twists on the traditional photo, to a foliage enhancer that bring out the springtime green, to the new Golden Hour filter that shines a perfect light on all that it touches, Luminar’s filters bring a little extra wonder to all your images.

Reason 4:

Layers and masking bring the power of Photoshop to the easy-to-use interface of Luminar, allowing you to get the same professional results in less time. Add filters based on the layer you apply them to, then use the masking tool to select a specific area you want to adjust. Brighten up green eyes in a portrait shot. Bring out the colours in a beach chair against the sand. Add detail to the laces of shoes on the sidewalk. Use layers and masking to make artistically stunning double exposure photos that bring together your favourite aspects of two different shots to create a new one.

* Check out this inspiring video from Scott Davenport to learn more, where he layers a profile head shot of a woman with a photograph of a tree.

Reason 5:

With Luminar’s responsive and easy-to-use software, you can create perfect photos with less effort. From basic to advanced edits, the results are extraordinary and the path you take to get there is easier, faster and more enjoyable. Make all your images beautiful with Luminar “” the ideal photo editor for the beginner, the professional, and the in-between.


Through the power of revolutionary yet approachable tools, Luminar is the first professional photo editor that provides an interface ready to adapt and grow with you.

Work with only the tools you need. Leave your workspace clear and uncluttered.

And get those perfect images you’ve always dreamt of.

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