Why Tiffen’s new Axent, Advantix, and Apex filters allow you to create superb long exposure images. [Tiffen Featured Promotion]


Sensors in digital cameras are very sensitive to infrared. Cameras usually have internal filters to prevent the infrared reaching sensors, however the quality of these filters varies between cameras, and they usually allow a small amount of IR through.

The small amount of IR reaching the sensor is not usually an issue for everyday photography, but when doing long exposures using 10-stop Neutral Density filters, the proportion of IR light reaching the sensor is effectively increased by a factor of roughly 1000x compared to visible light.

This large proportion of IR reaching the sensor results in a strong colour cast which is almost impossible to remove in software as it generally affects the sensors across channels.

The solution is to extend the light absorption of the neutral density filter into the IR spectrum, which Tiffen has achieved with their new range of IR ND filters.




After, using APEX

The top of the line APEX filter is designed for use on all DSLR, APS-C and M4/3 sensors, regardless of lens coating.

The APEX filter is equipped with a standard near infrared blocker and a Tiffen Hot Mirror to eliminate all IR pollution. These two features allow you to capture long exposures without compromising the colour in your image.


AXTENT is the traditional visible-light only ND filter. The Tiffen XLE Series AXENT filter is designed for full frame DSLR cameras when used primarily in B&W mode. It can also be used on Fujifim’s X-Trans APS-C cameras (with interchangeable lenses) to obtain a highly stylized IR colour effect when combined with lenses approved for IR photography.

Designed to take extreme long exposure photographs in a manual set up, the AXENT filter will allow you to blur the movement in your image. When your DSLR is set in colour mode, the filter will allow some IR light waves. The IR absorption onto your sensor will have a varying affect your image colour ““ from gentle to radical, depending on the lighting conditions. On DSLR cameras you may require fine-tuning of your colour balance, or re-adjusting in post software. An extreme colour cast similar to IR colour photography can also be achieved on Fufifilm X-Trans APS-C sensor cameras.

ADVANTIX is the 10-Stop ND filter which incorporates IR blocking. By introducing an active absorbing element, ADVANTIX removes the polluting light passed by the AXENT filter. This element adds a slight greenish colour cast to the filter, which can be adjusted in your camera’s white balance settings or in your post software.

Tiffen has recently been awarded an Academy Award of Commendation from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for their work in developing the dyes to reduce IR contamination.

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