Leading animal photographer Alex Cearns shares her experiences at CP+ in Japan with BenQ. [BenQ Promotion]

After experiencing variation in the colour output of my prints, the penny finally dropped. I needed a photography-specific, colour-calibrated monitor.


I spoke to Saul Frank, owner of Photography reseller Camera Electronic   in Perth and he came up with a solution ““ try a BenQ SW271 monitor with 99% Adobe RGB, 4K display and ultra-high density pixels.

I took Saul’s advice, hooked up my new monitor in record time and can now rely on the accuracy of my prints.

As photographers we invest in high-end cameras with lots of megapixels, but often give little thought to our PC or laptop displays. A generic monitor not specifically designed for photography isn’t going to deliver the colour quality we seek. We need to invest in a screen which provides a vivid colour range, is an affordable option for the budget conscious, and provides excellent value for money.

BenQ monitors ticks all of these boxes, so when BenQ Australia invited me to attend CP+ Expo in Yokahama Japan, I jumped at the chance to learn more about the brand. Next thing I found myself in Japan with three other industry leaders; professional travel photographer Dan Avila, and BenQ retailers Saul Frank from Camera Electronic in Perth and Jeremy Daalder from Image Science in Melbourne.


My senses went into overload when I first walked into CP+ as there was so much to take in. It’s billed as one of the biggest photography and video events in the world and it didn’t disappoint. More than 80 brands were exhibiting, and more than 68,000 visitors packed into the event over four days. I felt tiny standing amongst it all.
 The exhibitors included camera and lens manufacturers, accessory producers, live stages ““ and of course, BenQ.


From the moment we arrived, we immersed ourselves in CP+ and spent time at the BenQ display learning more about the current range of BenQ Wide Gamut Monitors.

We were able to consult with Senior Colour Scientist Chris Bai, and discuss the technical aspects of the BenQ monitors with him, as well as the future planning for BenQ products. I encourage you to read on Jeremy’s blog on the Image Science Website.

Having access to an expert like Chris was invaluable and he really helped boost my understanding of BenQ’s goals. Interest in their monitors was high, and the BenQ information leaflets couldn’t be handed out fast enough.  

BenQ ‘s involvement at CP+ shows their dedication to photography and colour management by directly engaging photographers. Their slogan is “Because it matters” and they really do care about the quality of the monitors they produce. They know how important proper colour management is, and how it can make or break our images. I choose to use their products, and their future is one I want to be involved in.

To find out how BenQ can help you and to learn more, please visit http://creative.benq.com.au/.