As life goes on you continue to add to your store of memorable moments. In this digital age many of those moments are captured on your smartphone and saved to the cloud or your hard drive. A small phone screen may not be the best way to enjoy those captured moments… [Canvas Factory Promotion]

Over the years canvas printing technology has vastly improved in both quality and reliability. Long gone are the days of grainy giclee prints which never do justice to your photos. These days canvas printing technology allows super sharp images to be produced with quality and speed on gallery bound canvas. Quality is held back only by the source image itself, and these days everyone seems to have a high definition camera even on their phone.

The end result of canvas printing is a high quality image delivered to your doorstep; a wonderful way to preserve and display those special memories. It might be a beautiful moment between parents and their children, a candid snap of your pet doing something crazy cute, or it might just be catching that sunset at exactly the right place and the right time.


A beautiful print capturing all the vibrant colours of the moment, on gallery bound canvas, ready to hang in pride of place in your home or office sure beats taking a peek every now and then on your phone screen!

Visit the Canvas Factory today to get your best photos printed on canvas. There are a variety of sizes available, and you can even try out metallic or acrylic print finishes for something different. Or maybe a photo collage to really capture the joy of your wonderful holiday in a tropical paradise.

Discounts starting from 60% are available. Act now and have your beautiful canvas print at your door in as little as 5 days!

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