Elevating images with high quality canvas creations. [Article courtesy of Photobook]

Nothing says “classic” and “timeless” like a stunning image – a spectacular wildebeest migration, an eerily empty downtown street scene, an incredible shot of a devastating cyclone – laid out on canvas. After all, artists have been using it for centuries to realise their masterpieces, and it makes sense that modern masters, too, would turn to it to bring their creations to glorious life. There’s something about the texture and presence of a canvas print that elevates it beyond the simple reproduction of a beautiful image, especially with Photobook Australia’s meticulously rendered canvas photo prints.

Adding Texture to Images

Photobook Australia has advanced canvas printing technology and a state-of-the-art Durst printer that uses UV light to ensure true-to-life colour, sharp detailing and stunning contrast. The result is that your images are transported with high accuracy onto durable, versatile, and moisture-resistant canvas material.

Depending on the image, the display space, and your own preferences, Photobook Australia offers three types of texture to bring ideas to life:
1. Standard texture is the most popular classic canvas.
2. Fine Art texture provides a smooth paper mâché surface for a raw, industrial-type finish.
3. Leather texture has a luxurious aura with the appearance of a full-grain leather surface.

Explore different textures for your classic Canvas or ultra-slim Canvas Air (pictured).

Versatile Canvas Styles

Photobook offers a wide selection of canvas styles. For a contemporary edge, the distinctive Canvas Air has a lightweight, slim 5.5mm thickness, providing a minimalist aesthetic that fits perfectly in modern spaces, artistic photo walls, and even outdoor galleries. Examples might include images of freedom and independence, uplifting moments of victory and celebration, portraits of light, love and lushness; all of these are ideal for Canvas Air prints.

For large prints and sweeping images not easy to contain within a single canvas, the Split Canvas can help do them justice. Use 3, 4 of 5 prints to capture the power of nature in a landscape panorama, or a wide crowd shot at a memorable event. They can be personalised with dates, quotes, and captions to reinforce their importance.

Finally, for masterful storytelling, Multi Canvas allows powerful, awe-inspiring visual narratives to be presented in up to 10 frames, in multiple sizes and variations. The Multi Canvas is a mini gallery and makes for the perfect centrepiece to a personal exhibition, a collage of interlinked subjects, or the intriguing chronology of a big occasion.

Easily assembled and personalised online, enjoy canvas creations from Photobook Australia now at 60% off.