Photographer Brandon Durham combines a love of fine art portrait photography, landscapes, macro and astrophotography. [Article courtesy of Camera House]

Taken at Quaille Falls in Tasmania. It’s not far from the iconic Cradle Mountain but not over photographed. 
Sony A7R lll; Sony 24mm f/1.4 lens; 100 ISO; f/11; 6 secs.

I started out doing real estate photography professionally while shooting landscapes and portraits in my free hours.

Since then I have had four category wins in the Camera House Photographer of the Year competition. I’m still striving for the overall Photographer of the Year award though!

Model: Ruby | Makeup Artist: Neeka from Dewy Beauty
Canon 5D MIII; 70-200mm f/2.8 ISII lens. Studio with two strobes.

I suppose you could say that I have fallen into fine art portrait photography, but I really love getting out to do landscapes, macro and astrophotography.

I have worked for Camera House for over nine years. Six years in Brisbane, QLD, and a bit over three years in Launceston, Tasmania.

40 years to me says that Camera House is a trusted name that has stood the test of time. I believe it is due to the standard of service and the knowledge of the staff.

I enjoy coming to work every day. The customers are really nice and loyal and I get great satisfaction in knowing that I have helped someone get the best equipment for their needs.