A snaphot of featured images from photographer Andrew Murrell. [Article courtesy of Camera House]

Sunrise at Killcare,
A beautiful Sunrise from Killcare Beach, NSW.
Some days things just work. I shoot sunrise every morning and I go to all the beaches on the Central Coast of NSW. One of my favourite beaches is Killcare. On this day everything just worked; the water wash-back created these amazing patterns as it swept back from the rocks. The sky put on a good show but not so amazing as to distract from the foreground, and it wasn’t too cold, so I didn’t mind getting my feet and legs wet.

I started quite young in photography and as a 13 year old developed an interest in landscape photography. I helped a local photographer for a few years and learnt a lot.

In 2002 I started to assist a wedding photographer and by 2007 I was shooting weddings solo.

Now I run my own photography business as well as working for nearly 8 years at John Ralph’s Camera House in Erina, NSW. I shoot weddings and events and run workshops on landscape and nightscape photography.

I love what I do for my business shooting weddings. After 20 years the worry has gone but the wonder and enjoyment have stayed.

I love my landscape photography, still shooting sunrise almost every day of the year. A particular interest at the moment is astrophotography, both nightscape and with a telescope.

I have been a customer of Camera House from almost the start, purchasing my darkroom supplies, cameras and lenses. It really does feel like a family business. Camera House turning 40 years old means that I still have one of my favourite stores to visit.

A shot of the setting Milky Way over a farm dam in Gresford NSW, near the southern edge of the Barrington Tops National Park.
I had been shooting the Milky Way all night and this was one of the last images from that evening. The Milky Way was getting lower and was disappearing behind the shed and old farmhouse we had been shooting. I took a short walk down the track and notices the dam water was up and the surface calm. I usually compose using the rule of thirds, but I noticed the reflection and set the horizon in the centre.

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See location of John Ralph’s Camera House at Erina, NSW.