Pattern and repetition is an enduring visual concept that long predates photography. (Think of the geometric designs on pottery from thousands of years ago for instance.)

Repeating patterns are all around us and not surprisingly they follow in the great artistic tradition and are a staple of photographic composition.

Our challenge is for you to find an interesting pattern or repetitive pattern in the natural world.

What we’re looking for are patterns that arise from a clear repetition of nearly identical shapes or colour values.

So pick up that camera of yours and surprise us with your unique vision.

The prize for this challenge is a Think Tank Retrospective ® Leather 5 Pinestone bag

It’s a small, stylish shoulder bag with space for a CSC or DSLR camera, up to 3 lenses and an 8″ tablet. RRP $375.

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Please review the rules and email your entries to photochallenge[at] 

Deadline for entries is 28 February 2019, winner will be selected 14 March 2019 and the winning pictures will be published in Photo Review Magazine June-Aug 2019 edition.

Here are the rules:

To enter the challenge all you have to do is send us your best image (we’ll consider up to three images per photographer).

1) Entries should only be new images that have been taken in response to the set challenge.

2) This isn’t a photo manipulation contest, so minimal post-capture processing is a given. Sharpening, colour correction and so forth are fine, but adding extra layers isn’t.

3) Supply images as jpegs at minimum 200mm on the longest side, at 300 DPI.

4) Submit all images to

5) Please put your caption(s) in the File Info (metadata area) of your image(s), or with the accompanying message. When saving your images, please change the file name so that it incorporates your first initial and last name and the challenge you’re entering (eg, MyName_chall_repeat.jpg).

6) All photographers retain copyright to their submitted image(s). Photo Review may publish submitted image(s) in the magazine, mag app, and website.