HONOURABLE MENTION: Robert Zappia Seals by Robert Zappia HONOURABLE MENTION: IAN Reichstein ‘Roadside feast’ by Ian Reichstein Our wildlife …





Seals by Robert Zappia



‘Roadside feast’ by Ian Reichstein

Our wildlife challenge revealed that Photo Review readers can be pretty handy with a lens when it comes to capturing the drama of the natural world. We went back and forth on the winner, before settling on Peta Burton’s strangely balletic image of a whale mid-roll. The horizon may be slightly wonky, but we’re inclined to forgive that detail given that Peta was on a pitching, yawing, slewing boat when she grabbed the memorable moment. As our winner Peta will receive a Kata Revolver-8PL Backpack (RRP $295).

We gave first runner-up to Marie McCrae for her impressively timed picture of a diving bird and its hapless prey. Erwin Jackson’s nicely illuminated study of flying foxes at Yarra Bend is an attractive example of how to use repetition effectively. Robert Zappia maintains his usual consistency we thought with the swirling motion of his picture of two seals engaged in some sort of ‘discussion’. Ian Reichstein’s young echidna made the cut because it evoked the “aw”¦” response in every viewer we showed it to.

FIRST PLACE: ‘Backstroke’ by Peta Burton

“The sun-soaked 7am starts 20 km offshore in 166′ of water where breaching humpbacks leave you wide-eyed and emotionally charged. This 15m plus mammal was majestic, acrobatic and animated. It back-stroked over to our boat, dived under and up on the other side to continue its upside down performance; one of the greatest shows on earth.”


‘Backstroke’ by Peta Burton




‘Snack time’ by Marie McCrae


Grey-headed fox colony, Yarra Bend, Melbourne.
Nikon D3S, ISO 2500, Nikkor 500mm f3 with 1.7x teleconverter, f/8 at 1/1500.


‘Rising to the Sunset’ by Erwin Jackson


The prize for this challenge is a Pro Roller Lite  (RRP $345), a rolling bag with a compact profile. Lightweight and lean, it fits a pro-sized outfit plus a laptop.


The Sky’s the Limit

We love a wide open challenge and what could be wider or more open than making the sky the hero of your picture. Inspired by J.M.W. Turner’s glorious skies at the recent exhibition Turner from the Tate at the National Gallery, Canberra, we thought it would fun to see how our photo challengers portrayed the quiet – and sometimes not so quiet – spectacle taking place over our heads every day. Your image doesn’t have to be limited to just the sky, but it should clearly be the dominant compositional element in your picture. You are now cleared for take off!

Please review the rules and email your entries to photochallenge[at]photoreview.com.au. Deadline for entries is February 27, 2014 and the winning pictures will be published in our May 2014 edition.


To enter the challenge all you have to do is send us your best image (we’ll consider up to three images per photographer).

1) Entries should only be new images that have been taken in response to the set challenge.

2) This isn’t a photo manipulation contest, so minimal post-capture processing is a given. Sharpening, colour correction and so forth are fine, but adding extra layers isn’t.

3) Please supply images as jpegs at 2048 pixels on the longest side.

4) Please submit all images to photochallenge[at]photoreview.com.au or to the gallery at  www.photoreview.com.au  and be sure to enter ‘photochallenge’ in the tags field. Any questions: please email us at edmail[at]photoreview.com.au (Photographers whose work we publish in the magazine will be contacted for the high-resolution version of their pictures.)

5) Please put your caption(s) in the File Info (metadata area) of your image(s), or with the accompanying message. When saving your images, please change the file name so that it incorporates your first initial and last name and the challenge you’re entering (eg, jsmith_chall_smallvslarge.jpg).

6) All photographers retain copyright to their submitted image(s). Photo Review retains the right to publish submitted image(s) in the magazine, mag app, and on  www.photoreview.com.au.