Photo Review Competitions

Photo Challenge 32: The Egg

The idea for this photo challenge came from photographer R. Ian Lloyd (see ‘Be Prepared’ in Photo Review 34). One of the very first challenges he faced as a young photography student was how to come up with a good picture of a humble egg. The difficulty factor of this apparently simple exercise was obviously pretty high, because we received fewer entries than usual. However, it was good to see that a hardy band of our most stalwart Photo Review Challenge lenspersons were undeterred by the complexity of rendering simplicity. It was a competitive group as you can see, but in the end we gave the nod to Craig Mitchell for seeing the shape of an egg in a most unexpected place.

Photo Challenge 30: Shadowland

Photo Challenge 30: Shadowland The response to our Shadowland Photo Challenge was one of the most impressive we’ve yet seen. Choosing the winner was, as always, a great struggle. But in the end, we felt we had to give the nod to Damien Siviero for a picture he captured 10 metres below the sea in a cave near a spot known as Splendid Arch in New Zealand’s Poor Knight Islands. As you will see, this photograph was competing for first place not only with the rest of the field but with two other extraordinary images from Damien’s lens.

Photo Challenge 22: A Trip to the Supermarket

The challenge we set in our August-Sept 2005 issue, was not easy. The task we set was to capture the experience of that most humdrum and ordinary of experiences – a trip to the supermarket. Our intention was to set Photo Challengers a task that really made them work to find an interesting image. In the end it was a bit of an old home week as some familiar Challenge responders got across the line for the win and places. We think they answered the call rather successfully.

Photo Challenge 19: Reflections

Photo Review Challenge 19 was to capture a subject reflected in water or on a wet surface. We complicated matters by adding that we didn’t want to to see the subject itself, just its reflection. That narrowed the field a bit, but happily posed no problems for our talented contributors.

Photo Challenge 20: Old and Weathered

Our challenge for this issue was to seek out something old, yet small enough to be carried by a person. We wanted to see what interesting textures and colours talented Photo Review Challenge-takers could find in their subjects. Once again, as the photos reproduced here show, we were not disappointed.

Photo Challenge 17: Freeze-frame

Our freeze-frame photo challenge proved very popular indeed. While it’s difficult to choose a winner and runners-up from so many strong entries, we’re pleased to have the ‘problem’. In the end, three striking images from Melissa Grimley caught our collective eye, and we’ve decided to give her balletic ‘white man trying to jump’ the winner’s guernsey. She writes: ‘These photos were taken one sunny late afternoon of my brother and a mate whilst they were “mucking about” at a local park with a skateboard and playing one-on-one basketball. The photos were shot with a Canon EOS 300D with a 17-40mm f4 L lens at shutter speeds between 1/1000th and 1/1600th of a second to freeze them in mid-action.’ has won a Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Executive Edition.

Challenge 28: Trees

Photo Challenge 28 seemed simple on the surface. We asked photographers to do something interesting with a tree or trees. It is surprisingly difficult to see such a commonplace object in a new and fresh way, but see it thusly our winner and runners-up most certainly did.