By Wayne Jones.
The second Brumbies home game of the season and the first time I’d fired the day-old 7D Mark ll – a steep learning curve after my previous Canon bodies (30D, 50D and 5D Mk2). I was mighty impressed with the 7D’s focus tracking system, which was a big bonus considering the arms, legs and bodies going everywhere and getting in the way of the intended subject hidden away inside a scrum.


Yours! By Wayne Jones.

Canon 7D Mark ll; Canon 400mm f/2.8L II; 1/1000s; ISO 3200

Don’s response

A 400mm lens at f/2.8 doesn’t offer any room for error when it comes to the in-focus zone, particularly when your subjects are as close to the camera as these players were.  Happily, Wayne Jones’ new Canon nailed this one. It captured the pass-maker, the ball and the defender in perfect focus.

Shooting fast moving sport action with a long lens requires almost equal amounts of luck and skill. Apart from getting in tight, following the ball and getting the exposure right, there isn’t much one can do to compose a shot under these circumstances.

So yes, it’d have been great if the defender’s eye was open and if the frame was shifted to the left, and if that foot wasn’t in the bottom right corner… but that’s where the luck factor comes into play. It’s still a better action shot than most of us will ever manage.

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