By Terry Charles.

White Ibis

By Terry Charles

Nikon D750; Tamron 70-300mm @ 300mm; 1/25; f/8; ISO 320; Handheld

Close to where I live is a bird habitat park that has caught my interest.

For this series of photographs it was my intention to incorporate ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) into the shots. That is, panning with the birds in flight but also at a lower shutter speed so as to blur the wing movements.

The hardest part was capturing a shot where the bird’s head was sharp.

Don’s response

What a great idea for a bird series. There is so much to be said for setting out, as photographer Terry Charles has, with a precise idea of how you want to get a picture, but then leaving it up to the fates to decree what the images will look like.

I find the spare quality of this shot quite appealing. The soft streaks of white really make the background work in a way that a solid black (or white for that matter) wouldn’t.

I agree that choosing a shot where the bird’s head was sharp was important as it provides an essential point of stillness in all the movement.

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