By Chad Clark.
I was experimenting with a new filter at the Merewether baths in Newcastle. This was after the recent storms with a few big waves around but I like this shot because of its simplicity and how I wish the swim was as smooth as this looks.


The swim ahead.  By Chad Clark

Canon 6D; 17-40mm f/4.0; Lee Big Stopper filter

Don’s response

Chad Clark doesn’t say how long his exposure was, but we can tell from filmy haze in the background and the essentially ripple-less surface of the pool, that it must have been more than a few seconds. I’m not always a fan of the effect, but in this case it works well with the strongly geometric composition. By minimising the texture of the water and sea, the image becomes kind of low-friction and the viewer’s eye moves smoothly along the leading (and converging lines) of the hand rail and pool edge out to that visually arresting row of lane markers notching the horizon line.

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