By Joshua Freestone.
South Coast, NSW.


Temperance, by  Joshua Freestone

“Trying to find textures and tangible depth within the ocean. This session was one of spontaneity and enjoyment. Sometimes photographing can be too serious and objectives too far-fetched; expecting too much from one scene or environment. However, this was a moment where the camera felt like another limb and everything just… happened. Opening the shutter, inches above the water, avoiding salt splashes into the lens or on the body of the camera gets the adrenaline pumping. (However I don’t recommend this!) Enjoy what you do even if your mind is telling you not to!

‘ “Temperance” refers to being restrained or having self-restraint. I chose the name as the textured waters are flowing around this one peak of the wave that is slowly but surely restraining itself but cruising along, saving all its energy to throw the last piece of water over its head and finish the wave cycle; but only at the right time. There is a time for everything. In contrast, behind is the craziness of the same wave impacting the shoreline with vigour and power, whereas this section pondered and abstained until exactly the right moment.’

Canon EOS 5D Mark II; EF 85mm f/1.8 @ f/4.5; 1/30sec; ISO 50

Don’s response

Joshua Freestone’s hair-raising approach to action macrophotography isn’t something I’d recommend given the very high chance of writing off an expensive camera, but I will admit that in this instance the gamble paid off.

As a long time surfer, that almost vertical wave face has a visceral appeal unknown to those who’ve never been on a board. But even without that bias, I think there is still something visually interesting about the low-angled perspective and glassy texture. While I understand the desire to protect the picture by layering on a signature and type element, there is no question that they are quite distracting.

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