By David Scott.

Tay Rail Bridge

By David Scott

Canon EOS 5DS; EF 24-70mm lens

Commissioned in 1887, this majestic bridge in Scotland sweeps across the mighty River Tay 3.5km connecting Dundee with the Kingdom of Fife. It was built adjacent to the ill-fated original bridge — which collapsed in 1879 in a violent storm, plunging a passenger train into the freezing depths of the River Tay and killing all on board.

Don’s response

David Scott’s study of an impressive example of 19th-century Scottish civil engineering conveys the massive character of what is plainly an extremely sturdy bridge. This one doesn’t look like falling down anytime soon.

I like the way the picture celebrates the geometry and apparent indestructibility of iron and concrete. And the almost, but not quite, monochromatic palette gives some of the surfaces an attractive, lustrous sheen that complements the silky surface of the river.

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