By Matthew Wilkey. I am a 16 year old creative portrait photographer. I would love tips and anything that could make this photo better!


Summertime Sadness by Matthew Wilkey
Nikon D3000; 18-55 lens

Don’s response
If only young Matthew Wilkey could hear the inward groans of all the older and more experienced photographers who wish they could achieve such an unselfconsciously dreamy portrait.

You’re off to a pretty good start with your creative portraits Matthew. The subject doesn’t look as though she’s trying for a sad expression and you’ve ensured the nearest eye and lips are sharp.

About the only thing that you might want to experiment with is to crop the top of the image just a touch to reduce the slightly distracting effect of the top left corner.

But really, I think you’ve achieved a very good result and one that many a photographer would be quite happy with.


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