By Mark Jekabsons.
I was driving from Mt Buller to Mt Stirling in the Victorian Alps and stopped to take some photos of the forest through the fog. It was tricky to get the exposure just right. Also, I do minimal post processing, but have wondered how to bring out the best in this image.


Subdued View, by Mark Jekabsons

Mt Buller, Victoria

Nikon D7100; Tamron 17-50mm; f/2.8

Don’s response

Foggy forests offer so many photographic possibilities don’t they?

Contrast is very low and the way everything in the background fades into the mist means that pictures taken under these conditions often have a dreamy, indistinct quality.

I think the high key approach works reasonably well, but photographer Mark Jekabsons might also want to experiment with an interpretation that goes in the opposite direction tonally, ie: toward a darker rendering.

Converting to black and white could very well produce a more dramatic effect.

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