By Steve Genesin.


By Steve Genesin

Olympus E-M1 Mark ll; Olympus Pro 7-14mm lens @ 13mm; f/4; ISO 400

Brighton Jetty in Adelaide.

This image was created using the camera’s special composite function, which allows for the lens to be left open and only new light recorded as time elapses.

For lightning strikes this is ideal because you never know when it will strike!

Don’s response

As someone who has only had indifferent success capturing lighting strike images over the years, a picture like this elicits a little pang of jealousy.

Photographer Steve Genesin’s equipment allows him to easily capture such pictures for as long as he’s prepared to brave the elements doing so. It has to be said that a good lightning picture like this still comes down, more than anything, to the luck of the draw.

It’s really a case of good preparation – and lots of patience.

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