I had been waiting to board the ferry for hours and decided to take some photos. The front of the ferry was open and reminded me of a giant mouth ready to swallow everything.


Split to Vis Ferry by Simon Kivela
Nikon D600; 24-85mm; f/3.5; 1/50s; ISO 800

Don’s response
Simon Kivela’s image is a good example of finding a picture under circumstances when many a casual photographer’s camera would still be in its bag, waiting for a “proper” photo opportunity.

There’s much that I like about this picture. It starts with a sturdy composition, nails the exposure and focus and goes on to reward the eye with intriguing symmetries such as the two white-shirted deckhands and the almost mirror image curves of the ferry’s upper hull. I also like the picture within a picture formed by the interior with its vanishing point and pleasingly arranged figures defining the depth.

I find parked cars right mildly distracting, but since the only way to crop them out would’ve been to move in closer (and thus change the entire balance), I’m sure most viewers will, like me, be happy to ignore such a minor issue.


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