By Rene Martens.
Taken at Winton Wetlands near the old boat ramp. I walked along the dredged-out area, listened for the Golden-headed Cristicola to sing and then tried and find it in the reeds. Sometimes I am reasonably lucky to get up close. The bird looked as though it was singing to something below where it was perched, and then it took off before I could get another shot.


Singing, by Rene Martens

Canon 6D; Sigma 50-500mm lens; f/6.3; 1/500s; ISO 400

Don’s response

Small bird photography is a particular challenge because little birds generally don’t venture into the open too often.  It can be extremely difficult to get an unobstructed shot of your subject as it flits about among the tangle of undergrowth.

Auto focus systems are easily confused too by the often complex visual environment, so to come away with a picture as striking as this entails both technical skill and luck.

Happily on this occasion everything came together for photographer Rene Martens.

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