By Malcolm Farr.
Canberra ethnic festival.


Sikh water hand-out, by Malcolm Farr.

Canberra ethnic festival

Don’s response

I love the engagement of the subjects with the photographer and I think there’s a pretty good picture hiding in the overall composition.

The problem as it stands is that we’re just not close enough to those interesting faces. There are too many distracting figures in the background.

With a tighter frame and by perhaps moving down slightly and over to the right, photographer Malcolm Farr might have been able to hide the awkwardly placed person in the background who seems almost to be perched on the gentleman’s shoulder.

In crowded circumstances like this, even the most experienced photographer can be caught out by such unfortunate juxtapositions. The lesson is to get in the habit of checking your composition for visual glitches before you trip the shutter.

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