By Richard Bruxner.
Each year, after the first big rains, the undergrowth in Darwin’s coastal monsoonal vine forests is covered with the tiniest, most exquisite little fungi. They’re not easy to photograph, as lighting and conditions are often tough, but I really like the calm feel, and sense of scale, of this shot.


Sentinel, by Richard Bruxner.  

Olympus E-M1; 50mm macro lens

Don’s response

There’s something faintly comical about Richard Bruxner’s jaunty little “Sentinel”.

The tiny fungi looks kind of like something left behind by a forgetful pixie and one has to wonder given its minute size how Richard happened to notice it amongst the leaf litter in the first place.

This is one of those pictures that reminds us that the world is full of tiny wonders awaiting discovery by anyone with the patience to look closely.

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