By Neil Cunningham.
Winter in Scotland can be a magical time for photography. I love the dormant landscape getting ready to come alive again in spring. The lonely farm surrounded by skeletal trees looks totally isolated by the freshly ploughed fields. And of course the wonderful sky.


Seafield Farm, by Neil Cunningham

‘Seafield Farm’ was taken earlier this year in Scotland. While people usually head to the spectacular scenery of the Highlands, the Lowlands have their own charm, with lots of small towns and villages surrounded by active working farms. I spotted this view from a train window and returned on foot a few days later to capture it.

Olympus EM-1; 14-40mm Pro lens @ 24mm (48mm equivalent); 1/125s; f/16; ISO 200

Don’s response

Neil Cunningham’s picture does a beautiful job of capturing the fallowed fields of winter in Scotland.  Though there’s not a fleck of green, the chocolate earth looks good enough to eat.  

I think the composition lends to a larger rather than smaller presentation. We want to move a little closer to the slightly mysterious farmhouse and its filigree of bare trees.

Assuming it wasn’t a problem for the farmer, I’d like to have seen what sort of result photographer Neil Cunningham might have achieved had he been another hundred metres closer…

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