By Leanne Chalkley. This is one of the only moments I have been able to catch our puppy dog Milo when she is not active and running around. What a gift on Christmas morning to be able to catch such a beautiful picture of our Milo.


Santa’s little helper by Leanne Chalkley
Canon 5D Mark II; 24-105mm; f/4; 1/8s; ISO 400

Don’s response
Huge “Aww…” factor for this one Leanne. I can well imagine you’ve had more than a few requests from friends for copies. And I reckon it’s a dead cert for this year’s Chalkley family Christmas card.

Working with a puppy would obviously be a huge challenge, so I appreciate that you might well have had to put the cap on Milo and grab the shot in one smooth motion. The black tab on the cap – a label presumably – is a mild visual distraction, but there’s not much you can easily do to correct it. However, you could rotate the image two or three degrees anti-clockwise to level up that horizontal black element in the background.

Definitely a keeper!


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