By Glenn Schultes.
A composition of 4 images taken at Marin County headlands lookout; San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, and Bakers Beach.
In colour the image looked flat, but once converted to black and white the texture of the clouds really popped!


San Francisco, by Glenn Schultes

Panasonic Lumix DMC LX7; ISO 80; f/3.5; 1/1600s

Stitched and converted to black and white in Adobe Lightroom CC

Don’s response

Famously foggy San Francisco on sparkling clear day.

I concur with the choice of black and white to make the interesting sky a bigger player in the story.

The stitching is impressive too but the Golden Gate Bridge’s reddish colour has (perhaps unavoidably) gone a bit dark for my taste.

I’d print this one large so that viewers have access to fine detail as well as the sweeping view.

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