By Gordon Gullock. [Second winner of Image Review 4.] Rough early morning sea, Merimbula NSW.


Rough Morning by Gordon Gullock

Canon 60D; 15-85 f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Lens; f/11; 1/250s; ISO 100

Rough early morning sea, Merimbula NSW.

Don’s response

An excellent example of how a lovely old gaff-rigged sloop really makes a picture.

While Gordon Gullock’s rugged seascape would be a nice shot on its own, the presence of the vessel transforms it into something special. Now we’re intrigued and we want to know the story. Where is the boat headed? Is it clear of the rocks? Why is motoring rather than under sail… it is motoring isn’t it?

Like all great photographs, Gordon’s image is both a well-structured composition and a mystery story.

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