By David Ashley. I took this image at Lucky Bay, Cape Le Grand National Park just outside of Esperance WA. I had heard of the beauty of the place and of the kangaroo population that laze on the pure white sand soaking up the sun. No white sand on this particular day as rough seas overnight had covered the shore in seaweed.

This however provided a comfortable base for the roos to relax on and you could tell, they were enjoying their day in the sun!


Nikon D7100; Sigma 10-20mm lens

Don’s response

There is something faintly surreal about David Ashley’s picture of a pair of Kangaroos on a shoreline.

Technically speaking all is in order with the exposure and focus, but I think this would be a stronger picture if David had been able to place the nearest kangaroo in the right hand third of the image. They look fairly relaxed, so this might have been possible when he captured the image, but even if it wasn’t he could still crop out a big chunk of the uninteresting right hand side so as to establish a leading line from bottom right to the clouds top left.


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