One of a sequence of a V8 Jetboat (Phoenix), a little out of control during a race meeting at Cabarita in Northern NSW. The boat did a complete roll and landed right way up back in the water and continued on its way.


Phoenix Roll, by Ian Colley

Olympus E-5; 50-200mm SWD with EC14 teleconverter

Don’s response

Timing is all. From a technical standpoint, everything is in order. Exposure’s correct and the boat’s occupants are sharply focused. The overall composition is relatively ho-hum, but that doesn’t really matter because in this case, it’s what’s happening that makes Ian Colley’s picture so intriguing and fun to de-code. Without knowing anything about the circumstances, a viewer is soon able to work out that this is some sort of high speed event that involves boats going around in what appears to be a ditch of some sort. Good pictures always tell a story of some sort, and this one gives the viewer plenty to work with.