Dinner time

By Rachel Kneubuhler. Although it was taken with a comparatively inexpensive Olympus compact camera, Rachel’s dramatic picture would, I suspect, be a prized result for most macro shooters – no matter how well outfitted.

Afternoon drink by Stuart Bell

A particular favourite of mine. The tree roots are stripped bare from the floods that charge through here and provide a wonderful contrast amongst the undergrowth and gloom. The trees looked to have gathered at the water’s edge for a “wee sip”, it could be a scene from The Lord of the Rings! This was a late afternoon shot and the last of the sun can be seen in the distance reflecting off the water.

The Gatherer’s Daughter

By Suellen Cook. I understand that my art work is probably not falling into the traditional view of photography, nor what you might be expecting, nevertheless I would appreciate whatever feedback I can get from experienced photographers.

Old and New Reflections by Stephen Shelley

My tag line in Red Bubble says “… and now Stephen looks for aesthetic opportunities where they aren’t expected”.
So I shoot the scene as I see it, not waiting for better light or creating better situations.
I like the idea of seeing an unusual and aesthetic composition in a mundane or familiar place.
So here, in a spot passed by hundreds every day, I can see the Old, the New, and I can Reflect on it. (Pardon the pun).