By David Scott. Taken at Warwick rodeo.

Over and out

By David Scott

Canon EOS 5DS; EF 70-200mm; f/2.8 @ 190mm; 1/2500s

Taken at Warwick rodeo. I have been photographing this incredible sport for a while now.

In this image the bronco has unsaddled the rider and he is going to experience a wet landing.

Converted to mono, I feel it focuses more on the action.

Don’s response

When the likes of Eadweard Muybridge first began to explore stop-motion photography in the 1870s, the perception of photography was radically transformed. Now we could see the previously unseen world of the split second.

Given the subject, David Scott’s picture is remarkably static — in a good way.

The lighting is just beautiful, the details are exquisite, and horse and rider are balanced perfectly.

I heartily approve of David’s decision to render the image in black and white as it purifies the moment by removing the distraction of colour.

A fine achievement.

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