By Jack Hunt.
It was my birthday and we all went on a surprise day trip out to Ormiston Gorge, about a one and a half hours drive from Alice Springs…


Ormiston Gorge, by Jack Hunt

I had never been to this gorge so as soon as I saw it, I was absolutely gobsmacked! I wanted to jump straight in the water as soon as we got there, but couldn’t help but keep on taking photos.

I had recently learnt how to stitch multiple images together to form a panorama, so took heaps of photos and stitched them together at home to form probably my favourite image. I had to take a panoramic photo of the place because the widest lens I had just didn’t do it justice!

Canon EFS 18-55mm lens

Don’s response

For a first up effort, photographer Jack Hunt’s Ormiston Gorge picture is pretty successful. I particularly like the way the foreground trees at either end of image help to force the perspective so that there is a sense of depth to the image.

There are a few glitches, such as the arm (?) in the bottom right corner and the uneven exposure of the sky.

Judging from the lack of shadows, the pictures comprising the panorama were taken in the middle part of the day which is rarely the best time to shoot a landscape. Go earlier or stay later next time and I predict you’ll be able to outdo this effort Jack.

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