My tag line in Red Bubble says “… and now Stephen looks for aesthetic opportunities where they aren’t expected”.
So I shoot the scene as I see it, not waiting for better light or creating better situations.
I like the idea of seeing an unusual and aesthetic composition in a mundane or familiar place.
So here, in a spot passed by hundreds every day, I can see the Old, the New, and I can Reflect on it. (Pardon the pun).


Old and New Reflections by Stephen Shelley
Canon G11; 1/100; f/8
No tripod, no post processing

Don’s response
Looking for the unusual in the mundane is something I think every photographer should practice as a matter of course. Always shooting then and there as Stephen does, adds a further degree of photography-improving difficulty.

So, with all that in mind, I would have experimented with a more asymmetrical camera position to see if I could force a little visual tension between the shopfrontage and the spired church.

I’d also have no compunction about getting rid of plastic bag in the foreground as it is a distraction rather than an interesting detail.


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