By Chad Clark.
This is my niece Tessa at her sister’s mermaid themed birthday party. She was very happy to put on the costume but didn’t want to put down the corn. As we were not at the beach the beach was setup up as a backdrop for a few photos but I thought the fence made a nice frame for the photo. Despite the corn, sunglasses and gum boots shattering the mermaid illusion, this is what I like about the photo.


Mermaid full of grace.  By Chad Clark

Canon 6D; 70-200mm IS 2.8 II

Don’s response

I agree with Chad that the fence does make a good frame for his portrait of young Tessa. Nice use of the rule of thirds too.

I’m also a big fan of Tessa’s sense of style. The pink gum boots and comically outsize sunnies could start a fashion trend all on their own, but really, that ear of corn and the resultant kernels dotted about her person are something special.

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