By James Fitzroy. Here is one of my recent shots from a cloudy day in Adelaide.


Canon 5D Mark lll; 17-40mm; f/22; ND 400 filter

Don’s response
I love the silvery tonality of James Fitzroy’s monochrome study. For those of us raised in the film era, it has the smooth, creamy look of a slow black and white emulsion processed in dilute developer over a long time to really open up the subtle shadow values. You could spend hours getting a result like this with analogue materials.

However, the point is not how the photograph was created, but how well it communicates the photographer’s intention. If conveying a pleasant impression of stillness and calm was one of his goals, then I think he’s succeeded admirably. This is one of those pictures that could be well served by being printed relatively large and then displayed under the kind of subdued lighting you might have in a study or similar space.


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