By Gavin Kellett.


By Gavin Kellett

Canon R5; RF 24-70 lens; 50mm; 1/125s; f/2.8; ISO 400

The Budawangs in Morton National Park NSW are simply spectacular. We were rewarded by an early start with the beautiful golden light on the edge of Mount Cole. I asked my friend to jump and the joy on her face is genuine, filled with awe and gratitude for being where we were.

Don’s response

To see just what a difference photographer Gavin Kellett’s joyful friend’s exuberant leap makes to this marvelous golden scene, just hide her with your fingertip. See? It’s still a fine landscape, but without the balletic figure in her luminous jacket, it has a floating quality, rather like a drone picture.

Our point of view is kind of hovering in space, above the ground, but with a place for our eye to go first in the form of our central subject, a connection is established with the scene in much the same way as when we include near foreground details to anchor our perspective.

This is a strong example of thinking photographically.

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