By Ros Osborne.

It’s All Mine

By Ros Osborne

Fourth winner Image Review 15

Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III; 60mm macro lens; ISO 500; f/9; 1/200s.

A female lynx spider was living in our garden and she was a very successful hunter! Each day she would sit in the centre of the same yellow daisy hoping to catch unsuspecting insects that were attracted to her flower.

One morning I noticed she had captured yet another bug and this time she was being watched by a male lynx spider. I could not resist photographing them.

The male looked like he was wearing boxing gloves and was ready for action!

Don’s response
It’s been our pleasure to share Ros Osborne’s work with our readers over the years, but I think this exceeds her already high standards.

The composition is immaculate, and the timing of the interaction between the two lynx spiders is delightful.

Every detail is tack-sharp and the creamy yellow of the daisy is exquisite. (I particularly like the flower’s textbook example of a Fibonacci spiral).

Just marvellous.

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