By David Edwards. [Second winner of Image Review 3.] I shot this image at the Victorian Arts Centre where there is a water window. The water running down the window creates various areas of blur, and the distance from the window also changes the image. I have spent many hours at this spot trying to get a wow photo, but until this day it had alluded me. I think with this shot everything came together. The blurred people in the background, the father looking down at his daughter, and of course the little girl in the red jacket and yellow hat. And to cap it off she reaches out to touch the water.


Don’s response
A marvellous example of the inestimable virtue of patience in the pursuit of an exceptional image.

As with many other readers no doubt, I too have a few pictures captured at this location but mine didn’t amount to much because apart from anything else, I didn’t have the time or patience to wait for something exceptional.

David has been richly rewarded for not being in a hurry and it wouldn’t surprise me if this image turned into the odd sale or two on the likes of a,,, etc.


David has won a compact, high-performing Olympus OM-D E-M10 Single Lens Kit.

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