By Chad Clark. I got up early to see if I could get some good reflections on Lake Burley Griffin but there was too much fog. I went up the Mount Ainslie and lucky for me there was still time to capture the full moon setting on the horizon before the sun was fully up.


Full Moon over Canberra
By Chad Clark

Canon 6D; 70-200mm IS 2.8 II

Don’s response

A nice example of the technique we in the trade call ‘f8 and be there’.

In this case the ‘be there’ bit, while it certainly involved good luck, was also a consequence of photographer Chad Clark’s decision to abandon his original plan. A situation such as this doesn’t leave much time for experimentation. Conditions are only going to be right for a minute or two and Chad clearly was well prepared for the moment when opportunity presented itself.

The placement of the moon means the composition is somewhat static, but this is mitigated by the distinct layers of the foreground fog, city and the succession of ridges and clouds leading our eye to that dazzling orb just slipping behind the distant mountains.


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