By Peter Hadjimichael.
This image was taken on a windy day in Fowler’s Bay and shows the shifting sands which the locals often have to clear from their township to prevent it from being engulfed by the dunes.


Fowler’s Bay Dune
By Peter Hadjimichael

Nikon D800; Tokina 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens

Don’s response

My first thought when I saw this was along the lines of “Oh, Peter’s used either a dark orange or a red filter to get that sky”.

Personally, I’ve no problem with dark skies like this in black and white landscapes because they put the focus very much on the forms and textures in the scene.

The composition works well enough too, but I wonder what Peter might have come up with had he confined himself to what I think is the real action in this image, namely that interesting curve and those sand textures and, above all, the plume of sand being blown off the dune summit.


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