Follow me home, by Blane Coulcher.
My family and I were returning home on the Manly ferry from Vivid, and these seagulls followed us all the way back. We stared at them, amazed at their stamina and elegance. Usually they are a fairly boring bird to photograph, but there was sufficient moonlight and ambient light to make an interesting sequence of photos. This is one of my favourites. Their speed was the same as the ferry’s making it easier to track them.


Follow me home, by Blane Coulcher

Olympus OM-D E-M1; 12-40mm @ 40mm; f/2.6; 0.6s; 3200 ISO

Don’s response

It wouldn’t appeal to your average birdwatching ‘twitcher’, but I can see why this shot is one of photographer Blane Coulcher’s favourites.

There’s something quite unearthly about the blurred shape of the gull set against the abstract white brush strokes of the moonlit sea surface. Capturing an image like this is not dissimilar to panning for gold – you have to put in the time if you’re going to find a nugget.

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