By Susan Shanta.
Seaford Pier, Victoria.
A warm evening watching the sunset near Seaford Pier. Lots of people creating many wonderful silhouettes. Zooming in from the beach and waiting for the right moment as people jump from the pier, Enjoying the end of summer.


End of Summer, by Susan Shanta

Olympus E-M5; 40-150mm lens @ 85mm; f/4.8, 1/160, ISO 400

Don’s response

Susan Shanta’s timing was spot on in this nicely composed image. I love the way the leaper is captured on the tip of his toe with arms outstretched. The other figures have a kind of lightness and grace too and the bird soaring above is a happy bonus.

This image is not only a paean to the end of summer, it’s also an example of why we say patience is a virtue.

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