By Prue Platt Hepworth.


Eleven Twenty,  By Prue Platt Hepworth

Canon EOS 5D Mk lll; EF 24-105

Don’s response

There’s a beautiful direct quality to the subject’s gaze and confident pose in Prue Platt Hepworth’s portrait.

With nothing more to go on than her striking ensemble, the viewer is free to speculate about who she might be.

My hunch is that whatever her views and passions, she’d be every bit as forthright as her demeanour suggests.

From Prue:

Chrissie”¦ a Multiple Sclerosis sufferer, a colourful, vibrant non-conformist who swept past me in a riot of colour at my local coffee shop, unafraid to reveal her true character in her twilight years.

That takes courage to march to a different drum!

I had to meet this woman to find out more and what was behind the colourful persona.

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