South Bank, Melbourne on a rainy day as people were heading home from work. (First winner for Image Review 2 Competition.)


Deluge by Gary Wallis
Olympus OMD EMS; 14-150mm at 25mm; f/4.7 at 1/60s; ISO 320

Don’s response

Gary’s choice of monochrome for this image is pitch perfect for the subject.

The car-free street, popping with rain drops, the logo-less umbrella and even the central figure’s non-descript attire all combine to make a picture that might have been taken at any point in the last hundred years. The timeless quality gives it, for me at any rate, a pleasant sort of cosy quality.

It’s so easy to imagine the next moment in the story. Maybe he’s just about to make the foggy-windowed and crowded homeward tram or maybe the doors of his local, already buzzing with an after work crowd”¦ any picture that instantly makes stories blossom in your mind like this one does is something special.


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