By Howard Ferrier.
Having lived for many years in Caloundra (Qld), the wreck of the SS Dickey is naturally a popular photographic location. The wreck is often photographed fronting a brilliant sunrise but on this occasion I thought I would try and capture it in one of its more sombre surroundings. This image was already almost completely monochromatic so it was no stretch to effect the B&W conversion. The image was also declarified to soften the sea and sky. Sadly this local icon is due for removal in the near future.


Dark and stormy.  By Howard Ferrier

Canon 7D; EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM lens at 70mm; 5s; f/20, ISO 100; tripod mounted; manual mode

Don’s response

Long exposure motion blur isn’t to everyone’s taste, but I don’t mind when it’s an essential part of the story as it were.

In this case we have an interesting juxtaposition of something that’s usually a symbol of decay (the last remains of ship) with the sea, something that doesn’t ever decay.

In this image, the soon to disappear wreck is the only solid thing in a swirling grey world of blurred sky and sea.

Howard Ferrer’s image takes me on a journey and that’s not something one can say about many pictures.

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