By Blane Coulcher.


By Blane Coulcher

4th winner Image Review 14

OM-1; 60mm Macro; f/16; 1/25s; ISO 200

I have been working with my Macro and learning to get in close. I have also experimented with a product light box, which makes it easier to produce a black background. Each year my fascination urges me to have another crack.

There is a sensuality in shape, colour, and texture to the picture which I find impactful, and always raises comment!

In this instance, the image waivers, for me, as an illusion between a young cygnet and a budding cyclamen… both emerging into beautiful adults. What do you see?

Don’s comment

I like to ‘take in’ a picture before I read any comments the photographer may have supplied about it.

This image immediately struck me as likely to have been carefully thought through. The relation of the tightly closed bud to the neck-like curve of its stem is so artfully arranged as to strongly suggest that this was no lucky ‘grab’ shot. As the caption notes, this was indeed the case.

It stands as a good example of using your tools in a deliberate and conscious way to transform what was likely a vague sense of the visual possibilities in a subject, into something that has the coherence and solidity of a portrait.

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