Crows. By Leon Chistiakoff. Southbank, Brisbane Qld.


By Leon Chistiakoff

Fujifilm X-T4; XF 16-80mm f/4 lens @ 80mm; ISO 160; 1/250s; f/11

Southbank, Brisbane Qld

While sitting on a bench overlooking the river and city these two crows decided to wait patiently above us hoping to snare a snack. I liked the silhouette of the birds and tree and as the camera was by my side, I grabbed a photo before they realised that lunch was not going to be served from our bench.

Don’s response

Crows, as many readers will know, are remarkably intelligent creatures. They can remember humans from a single encounter, and if they think you’re a bad human, they’ll alert their fellows every time they spot you.

They also can follow our gaze and know when we’re looking at them, so maybe the reason these two took off had something to do with photographer Leon Chistiakoff’s quick-draw snapshot.

The pared back simplicity of Leon’s silhouette composition was for me reminiscent of the kind of illustration you might come across in a dusty old book of folktales.

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