By Melissa Crisa.

Crabbing Lessons from Nanny

By Melissa Crisa

2nd winner Image Review 13

Nikon D750; Sigma 35mm lens

This image is a documentation of our first family holiday in 2020 since my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. The pink shirt she is wearing is a strong and powerful coincidence – it reflects the pink ribbon.

After her mastectomy, and when she felt strong enough, we took a short trip to the Yorke Peninsula. This image shows her teaching my husband and my young son how to go crabbing, something that she did a lot as a young girl.

Don’s response

This is such a simple and beautiful image. The story behind it gives us a deeper and richer understanding of how the three subjects came to be there, but even without that knowledge, photographer Melissa Crisa’s perfectly balanced tableau has a marvellous intensity.

It’s almost as though we’re seeing a solemn moment from some strange and timeless gift giving ritual.

Which, in a way we are. Lovely and powerful at the same time.

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